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Cute game with a simple story. I played it twice to see if the choices made any difference, which they didn't, but I still enjoyed the game.


Thank you for playing!


The visual style of this little game is combined with the polyphonic "organ" music so harmoniously! I really wouldn't think that this things can go together.
The story is fragmentary and incomplete for me. But it perfectly holds my attention with intonation and dramatic tension and unusual characters.

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I'm glad you found it engaging. It is incredibly sparse, and despite having virtually no mechanics I sorta over-extended the ambition of the plot. Were I given the challenge again I would likely try to capture a single moment in vignette rather than a whole arc but I'd like to think it half-works in being a novel presentation even if it's not an effective one.


Thanks for the game!

The theatrical framing deliberately makes the player aware of the artificiality of the experience. Yet, it also sets up a very artistic tone and makes up for a reflexive and meditative experience. I liked how the player is told that they will 'play' the part of the character, but the word is used in a less gamey and more theatrical sense. This was definitely something different!

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. For some reason I enjoy the whole Brecht-ian approach of making a level of artifice or a level of self-awareness of the game as a game and not as reality. Sort of an experiment in intentionally damaging the immersion as a way to be more sincere. (Obviously it's just a pixel visual-novel I made over a weekend, but I at least like that as a broad goal, that even if not realized, is sorta played with.)


Strangely enough, damaging the immersion did not brake my attention, only deepened it. I enjoy when games use Brechtian methods, they encourage thinking of games as real objects and of ones relation to them, instead of losing oneself in fantasies. Definitely approve your approach, looking forward for more of your games that would build on this ideas!


I double up on my asthetic statement from discord. 6/5!

Thanks <3. 


Very chill and relaxing experience. Beautiful visuals and writting.

I'm glad it was chill, that was definitely the intention. Thank you the comment.

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This is incredibly good! The music is really catchy and the art is really solid. The writing is really solid as well,  concise and not too wordy. Great work!  

I had a really good time making this project and I'm glad you enjoyed it. 


Nice visual novel, the limited visuals remind me of the Oregon Trail.

No doubt that was a latent inspiration for the whole Pixel-Western aesthetic. I remember playing quite a bit of Oregon Trail.